Friday, February 24, 2017

Toptal software Engineers Group

As a startup founder, I'm always look for new companies and ideas as they come into the market.  I have noticed that Toptal appears in various places as I'm searching on Google or browsing through LinkedIn.  I decided today to check out your website and was intrigued by the CONCEPT of what you do.  Great idea as I also have a Professional Services consulting firm and I'm always looking for niche talent.  I would like to work with Toptal as a side hustle for my own startup and as a way to access your network.

I am specifically interested in the Toptal Software Engineer Group because software engineering is my specialty.  I think that with my years of experience, I would be an excellent addition to the Toptal portfolio.  Would loved to come aboard!  Thanks, Barbara Jones.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Conquer Atlanta and New Apps

Its been a while since I updated this blog but its because I have been hard at work on 3 new applications and preparing for our expansion into Mobile App Development services for business and individual clients.  To prepare for this expansion, we will be attending the Conquer Atlanta event on Thursday and Friday this week to seek wisdom and funding options for our expansion.  We are also now listed on the website so that potential investors can take a look at our company for investment purposes.

The apps we're working on range from games to tools to reminder apps for praying.  Very excited to be able to release 3 applications within the next 3 months.  Stay tuned for another post soon on how to use RingTonePreferences in Android and how to create and Android app with a write once run on any mobile device platform called LiveCode.  Here are some logos for some of the new apps:

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

HoneyComb is here!

I attended the MotoDev XOOM meeting tonight and they featured their new XOOM Tablet device and my excitement for Android just resurfaced. This device is very nice, check this out!

MotoDev gave out a free XOOM to a lucky winner(which was NOT me :-(, and they offered tools to help current Android Developers port their app over to the new XOOM tablet. One cool tool is the App validator. I will be running my apps through this tool ASAP, so that I can port my existing apps to the XOOM and start creating some new apps with the new widgets available with Honeycomb. Happy coding!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

RNB Alarm4UTube Screenshots

RNB Alarm4UTube was released on the Android Market today, below are a few screenshots of the application:

RNB Alarm4UTube released to Android Market TODAY

RNB Alarm4UTube Users Guide


The Alarm4UTube application is an alarm application that is designed to wake the user up to images and videos that will give them something beautiful, funny and interesting to wake up and look forward to each day. The application displays the 10 of the days most popular FlickR pictures and the most requested video of the day on YOUTube.

How To Instructions

After downloading the application from the Android Market, click on the Alarm4UTube icon,

to launch the Alarms List screen.

This screen will be empty the first time you launch or if you do not have any alarms setup. To setup an alarm, click the Menu button on your phone to launch the alarm menu choices. You will have one choice and that is Add Alarm button.

Select the Add Alarm button and you will be prompted with options to setup your alarm, including the option to pick ringtones that are currently stored on your phone as well as to turn vibrate on or off for the alarm.

After making your selections, the Turn On Alarm check mark will turn green and you need to select the back button on your phone to return to the Alarms List screen to see the alarm that you set up.

The alarm settings will be saved after you hit the back button. If you decide that you do not want to set the alarm after all, you can select the Menu button your phone and the Discard Alarm option displays. Selecting this button will delete the alarm and it will not display in the Alarms List screen.


When the alarm goes off you will see the Alarm Off/Snooze screen. The Snooze button is extra large for you snoozers out there. If you select the Snooze button, you will have 5 more minutes of snooze time before the Alarm goes off again.

If you select the Alarm Off button, you will get a beautiful slide show of the days 10 MOST requested pictures on FlickR. This is a wonderful feature and some of the pictures are beautiful and awe inspiring photos captured by people from all over the world.

After the slide show, the application will display the day's most requested Video on YOUTube. This is a really fun feature because some of the videos that display are hilarious!! This feature will surely get your day started on a most fun note and get you up and out of bed. Some videos may have some crude language so the app has been rated for Teen audiences and up.

You can cancel the alarm at any time while the pictures are being displayed or while the video is playing by pressing the menu button to see the Cancel button option.

If you select the Cancel button while the FlickR pictures are displayed, you will be taken to the Video of the Day from YouTube. Selecting the Cancel button while the Video is playing will take you back to the Alarms List screen.

Enjoy the application and send us email at, if you find any bugs. We will work on them ASAP and release updates for you.

RNB Team

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Android outsells iPhone

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Android 1.6 Cupcake is available

Google has upgraded the Android SDK to 1.6 Cupcake. This is a very exciting release that features a Gestures API, enhanced search by voice and many other new and exciting features. Check out the Android developer blog click here for more information. We cannot wait to start using some of these new features in our upcoming applications.

Happy coding!!